Contributing to Virtstrap

In order to provide for the an easy setup for the user, virtstrap has been split into 3 different packages. That are all combined into a single repository, virtstrap.

  • virtstrap - This is the main package that users see. It provides the console script vstrap which is the main interface to anything virtstrap related. It also contains the commands that can be used without the presence of a project.
  • virtstrap-core - This is the core of all of the virtstrap logic. The majority of virtstrap’s code is contained in this core package. It is also a dependency for the other two packages.
  • virtstrap-local - This package contains any commands that can only be used within a project and not throughout the system.

Start Developing!

To start contributing to virtstrap is pretty simple. First, fork the repository on github. Once you’ve done that do the following:

$ make develop
$ source

Now you’ll be in a virtualenv made for virtstrap.

Virtstrap Makefile

The virtstrap repository contains a Makefile that has the following commands:

  • develop - Setup the development environment using an old version of virtstrap
  • testall - Runs all of the tests in all the packages
  • supportfiles - Builds the support files and places them into the virtstrap_support folder inside the virtstrap package.
  • install - Installs virtstrap and virtstrap-core
  • install-develop - Installs virtstrap and virtstrap-core as development versions (they’re editable)
  • distribute - Push the current packages to the PyPI.

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